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Friday, April 3rd Message from Mr. Austin

Hello South Middle school students and families today is Friday April 3rd 2020. This is Mr. Durham calling to wish you a Feel Good Friday. We very much appreciate all the school spirit that you have shown during our "Rise up" challenge and for this week’s spirit week, by sending in your pictures. We are excited about all the pictures that you guys have sent in and will release this week’s video today around 3 clock so be looking at our Instagram and Facebook to find links to find the video, which is all about the idea that even though you are making sacrifices at your house, you are doing "GOOD" and will do whatever it takes because you are a bulldog and you are resilient!

Your challenge for Friday will be to finish strong and then have a awesome and healthy spring break. We want you to step away from all computer screens and step outside into the sunshine and work hard on your physical and mental health.

See you on April 13th as we return from Spring Break and do what Bulldogs where born
To do, .... FINISH STRONG!

As you go into spring break, make sure you are caught up with all your work. The first 2 weeks of work should have already been turned in. If it has not, reach out to your 1st period teachers to get that turned in. This past week will be week number 3. Make sure that work is caught up. On week 3 and 4, you will turn in assignments to your individual teachers by way of google classroom.

No school until May 1st. Two more weeks of NTI packets.
Remember to have great and safe week of Spring Break and ready to come back to finish Strong
Go Bulldogs!!
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April 2nd Message from Mrs. Marshall

Good morning, Bulldogs. This is Mrs. Marshall at South Middle School. Today is Thankful Thursday. It has been said that feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. Today’s challenge is to show gratitude to those who are out there risking their well-being fighting on the front lines of our nation’s most difficult challenge and those who are bravely staying strong through struggles at home. Our first responders, doctors,nurses, maintenance workers, postal workers, gas station attendants, grocery and food service workers, or neighbors and parents who may have lost their jobs, friends who cannot visit family because of quarantines, and others. I challenge you to give them a gift today--the gift of gratitude. Create a message to say thank you to one of those groups or to an individual you know who is exemplifying the Bulldog way---doing what is expected and then a little more to support us regardless of their situation. Get creative with it. Refer to SMS Facebook for details on how to post these.

Some SMS reminders:.
1. Check each one of your teacher’s Google Classroom for your newest assignments.
2. Don’t forget that you can take AR tests from Home now.
3. Grab N Go Meals available Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Chandler, Bend Gate, East Heights, Jefferson and South Heights from 11 to Noon. You don’t have to be a student at that school to receive a meal. Students DO need to be present though to pick up a meal.
4. Go to the district homepage to complete your online registration for next school year.
5. Remember to complete your ILP. You have to submit for it to be counted. These are due by Friday. Any questions just send a message through google classroom.
6. Exciting news that will enhance NTI:
We are opening up a tool called Google Meet for our teachers to have live interaction with

Google Meet is an online video conferencing tool that will allow teachers and students to
connect together to answer questions and get help with new learning in a face-to-face

To ensure the safety of all participants, all Google Meet sessions will be recorded.

If parents do not wish for their child to participate in recorded Google Meet sessions, they
need to contact the school their child attends. You will hear more from our district office
coming soon.
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De-Stress With Your Pet Challenge 03/31

We challenge you to take a picture or selfie with your pet to share with our Bulldog family. There is no love like the love of a pet! No pet? No problem! Grab a stuffed pet and snap a pic to show your Bulldog Spirit! Share the good vibes by sending your pictures to denisa.townsend@henderson.kyschools.us today through 4:00 pm. Pictures will be shared through Facebook and Instagram later this evening.

Some SMS reminders:

1. Remember to turn in your NTI days 1-10 assignments to your first-period teacher electronically via Google Classroom or in the drop box at our front entrance available from 8-5 PM.
If you have no internet at home, use your cellphones to scan your
packet. On iPhones, use the NOTES app to scan and then send it to your teacher's email. Android devices can download the Google Drive App, scan with the app and then share with your 1st-period teacher.
2. Check each one of your teacher’s Google Classroom for your newest assignments.
3. Don’t forget that you can take AR tests from Home now.
4. Grab in Go Meals available Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Chandler, Bend Gate, East Heights, Jefferson and South Heights from 11 to Noon. You don’t have to be a student at that school to receive a meal. Students DO need to be present though to pick up meals.
5. Log on to complete your online registration for the next school year.
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NTI Day 1-10 Turn In Info/ AR Testing

Our Bulldogs have done an outstanding job in our first few days of non-traditional instruction. As we close on our first ten days of NTI, here are the instructions on how to turn in the work for our first 10 days.
#1 For those with Access to Internet:
Each student’s FIRST PERIOD teacher will be creating an assignment in Google Classroom to collect the work. In this assignment, students will upload the answer sheet they were given. Please feel free to add additional pictures/docs of written answers in the assignment. We have asked teachers to have this assignment posted by Friday, March 27th.
#2 For those without Access to Internet:
Please drop off your student’s work on the drop box that will be placed outside the school beginning Friday, March 27th.
#3- Using cell phones to scan work- Using the Iphone "Notes" App, select new, then scan. Scan the work to be turned in and email the scanned doc to the teacher. Android phone users can download the Google Drive app...login to your child's school Google Account, click the large + at the bottom right and choose scan. Share the new scan with your child's teacher on the Google App

Reminder that beginning on March 27, lessons can be found on Google Classroom for each class. These lessons will be uploaded Thursday, March 27 for those that need to download assignments to Chromebooks. If you need to download assignments, this can be done at ANY Henderson County School parking lot or any other place that provides free WIFI.

Students can now take AR tests from Home. Parents, please monitor this to ensure honesty and integrity. Students know how to log on the program and take the test. Students no longer need a password. If the program asks for a password, it means they have a book out of their ZPD zone (meaning the book is too easy which comprises learning). Email or communicate through Google Classroom with your ELA teacher or Mrs. Buley Coomes if you have questions.
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Principal Message Monday, March 30th

Good Morning! Mr. Reusch here from South Middle School. We hope you had a great weekend. We miss our students but we are going to Rise Up and get through this. First, our Challenge of the Day is Get Moving Monday. Take a picture of you exercising. Refer to the SMS Facebook for details on how to post these.

And Now for School Business:

1. Assignments for the first 10 days are due today March 30th. You can also turn those in tomorrow March 31st. Please turn them in to your first period teacher electronically via Google Classroom. Check SMS Facebook or our website for details. If you are unable to turn in electronically, we have a drop box at our front entrance available from 8-5PM.
2. Your new 9 days of assignments are now available on Google Classroom. Check each one of your teacher’s Google Classroom for your assignments.
3. Reminder, You can take AR tests from Home now.
4. Grab in Go Meals available Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Chandler, Bend Gate, East Heights, Jefferson and South Heights from 11 to Noon. You don’t have to be a student at that school to receive meal. Students DO need to be present though to pick up meal.
5. On Line Registration begins today for next school year.
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Hello South middle School families, today is Friday March 27th and I hope you are all doing well. This is Mr. Durham coming to you today from the guidance office of South Middle School. I want to take this opportunity to discuss to 2 topics with you. The first will be concerning turning in assignments and starting our next round of assignments. The second topic will be concerning our Friday school spirit day and a family assignment that we need your participation with.
First, we are asking students to turn in all completed work into their first period teacher electronically through google classroom. We have posted instruction on how to do that on our website. This will allow us to stay as germ free as possible. If you cannot turn in your work that way then please take a picture on your work with your phone and download that into google classroom for your first period teacher. If those two options do not work, we are placing a large maroon box outside our school for you to drop off your work. These assignments that you have already been working on will be due Monday March 30th. As of today, your next set of lessons are ready on google classroom. If you do not have internet please find a hotspot in order to download your lessons. AR will now be done from home starting next week check our school and district website if you need further directions or contact your teacher

Secondly: We have an assignment today for parents and students to collaborate together. Today marks school spirit Friday and we need your participation. As I watch governor Beshear’s daily Corona Virus update and watch large media stations I am hearing two words over and over again. Those two words are resilience and rise up. Those words symbolize what America is doing right now to defeat the Virus. These two words are words that have been used all year long here at South Middle School we preach to our students the importance of being resilient at school and in life during our assemblies and in our morning announcements. Rise up has been out motto since August and for us, it represents taking yourself to a higher level of achievement despite your circumstances. Bulldogs are resilient and will Rise Up to overcome these circumstances that we face.
We are asking you to take a picture of yourself and family if possible of you holding a piece of paper that says RISE UP! Please add any other message you want to add to that piece of paper to show support for each other and that we are not alone in this fight, that indeed the bulldog family and America are being resilient! We then intend to take those pictures and create a slideshow to share with our bulldog families so your participation is needed. We want to see all your faces and we want you to participate and show that you are strong and doing well.
We have posted on face book a few examples and directions. But let me sum it up this way
1) Create a sign highlighting "Rise Up" and any other messages you want to add to show unity
2) Gather your family or just yourself (selfie) and take a picture with the sign
3) Send that picture to austin.durham@henderson.kyschools.us
4) We will take all pictures and create a video showing our voices and unity
Please complete my end of the day Friday March 27th
Take care—get out and exercise and
Go Bulldogs!!!
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March 26 Message from SMS Principal

Good Morning, Mr. Reusch here from South Middle School. Thank you for sending those words of encouragement yesterday. Plus, the Tic Toc videos keep coming in and we are enjoying every one of them. Today's challenge is Throwback Thursday. Post something from the past. We plan on posting some of the SMS Staff in their younger years.
Let's get to some school business:
#1 Starting today, students will be able to take AR tests from home. Our students should know how to log on. If not, detailed instructions are on the DISTRICT Website. They no longer need a password. If it prompts them for a password, it means they are reading out of their ZPD zone (meaning the book is too easy for them which compromises their learning). Email their ELA teachers or Mrs. Buley-Coomes if you have questions. It is important that parents monitor AR testing to ensure honesty and integrity.
#2 Tomorrow, we will start accepting assignments from our 1st two weeks. They are not due until Monday, but will start accepting them tomorrow. We are pushing for assignments to be turned in electronically, but there will also be a drop box at the front door. Make sure your name is on them and it is together in envelope or stapled.
#3 New assignments that actually should start Tuesday will be available tomorrow for you early birds. Information is on our website. Check your email for this exact script of what I've said today. Jump on board with our challenges this week.
Go Bulldogs!!!!!
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NTI Update March 22,2020

Good afternoon South Middle School students and families!

First and foremost, I want to thank you for understanding the importance of academic learning from home and for working hard to keep up with the daily lessons. Your dedication to the Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) process validates that continued student learning is essential during this very different time. Reminder, that tomorrow, Monday, March 23rd is a scheduled day off in our regular 2019-2020 school calendar. So NTI Day 6 is on Tuesday!!

While students and families have been working very hard from home, teachers have been planning engaging new instruction for students to study and learn in the weeks to come. (or that will start on March 30th) Chromebooks and internet access either from home or at another source will be necessary for new instruction and learning. Students that do have internet access at home will simply access the assignments through Google Classroom.

For students that do not have internet access HCS is working on setting up some of our school buses to be hot spots around town for future downloads. Parents can also access the internet from the parking lot of any Henderson County School. Your students will be able to access any lessons placed in their Google Classroom by their teacher during this time from any of our schools or hot spots. Once they have access to their Google Classroom they will need to pull those assignments over into their drive to be able to work on them offline at home.

Our outside grab and go meal option will continue and is still available at our designated sites. This has not changed. That information can be found on our district website.

As your principal, I will continue to send out Parent Link messages in the morning with updates. As a district, our superintendent will continue to send out information in the afternoon hours. Henderson County Schools is working on maintaining a consistent approach to sending out our message. If for some reason HCS is unable to send a parent link message or communicate through social media please tune in to our local radio station WSON 860 AM 96.5 FM with updates and information.

Again, thank you to our students and families for your amazing work. Keep sharing the learning and creativity that is happening at home on social media. Use #wearehcs and #TeamKentucky

This unprecedented time has called for all of us to work together. We are doing that and we will continue to do that because We are Henderson County Schools.
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SMS Closed To The Public through April 17

Modified office hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.. For assistance or to make an appointment to be seen, please call 270-831-5050.
Google Classroom assignments will be available to upload on Chromebooks by Thursday, March 26th at 2 PM. More Information to come.
For Chromebook assistance, please call 270-831-8759
which is the Chromebook Help Desk. They are located
at 1715 Second Street and will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m..
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