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SMS Academic Team Shines!

Congratulations to these students who placed at the District Governor's Cup meet last night in Webster County!  These students will now move on to the Regional meet  for a chance to compete at the State Tournament in Louisville!


Overall, South Middle School placed first and earned the District Championship!


Quick Recall Team -1st Place

Amy Chen

Mason Bumgardner

Jaden Yates

Levi Simpson

John Pat Phillips

Abby Salisbury

Julianne Latimer

Meredith Denton

Ryan Nantz


Future Problem Solving Team-2nd Place

Mackenzie Poe

Alex Green

Hannah Robards

Alysia Carter



Kayley Stone-2nd 

Abby Kloke-4th

Amy Chen 5th



Levi Simpson-2nd

Ashton Wilson-3rd


Social Studies

Mason Bumgardner-4th


Language Arts

Hannah Robards-1st

Ashton Wilson-4th 


Arts and Humanitites

Rebekah Brown-1st

Kaitlyn Marlin-3rd

Abby Kloke-4th


Written Composition

Ashton Wilson-2nd

Taylor Moore-4th


Our team also won the Katheryn Hume Sportsmanship Award which is voted on by the students as to which team is the most sportsmanlike during the competition!  If you see any of these kids today please congratulate them, they have been working hard all year (even over the past summer!) and have earned their places!  


Also, please give yourself a pat on the back for helping to develop these brilliant students because without the strong instruction you provide everyday we couldn't be as successful as we are!