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Creating Positive Relationship Lessons at SMS

Dear Parent(s),


As part of our curriculum in health education, we will be offering lessons on Creating Positive Relationships.  Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders will each have 5 days of lessons for 42 minutes each day.  Each grade level has lessons specific to their age that all center around building character in young people and equipping them to develop healthy relationships while it promotes abstinence and sexual risk avoidance.


In grade 6, students discuss what to expect as they progress through puberty:  physical, emotional, social and mental changes.  They are encouraged not to be in a hurry to grow up and make adult decisions.  They also discuss the importance of choosing friends who encourage good decision making and how the media influences thoughts and decisions.  Each day students are encouraged to share the day’s lesson with their parents.


In grade 7, students are taught the importance of respecting self and others and the valuable impact of setting goals, volunteering, and making good decisions.  Students will learn that some decisions can steer them off course and cause them to delay or lose sight of attaining those goals.  Students learn about peer pressure, the dangers of sexting, social media, and sharing passwords.  Students are encouraged to ask parents their family house rules regarding dating, curfews, being home alone, etc. 


In grade 8, students learn to stand against pressure from society and peers.  Students learn to identify when a healthy relationship begins to become unhealthy.  The realities of teen pregnancy are discussed including the financial, emotional, and social implications.  Student learn tips for enhancing communication with parents and adult mentors and to identify people in their lives who can help them with problems and learn a problem-solving tool.  Students practice refusal skills in the classroom to help learn how to abstain from risky situations.  Students learn that the benefits of waiting for sexual activity until they are an adult in a committed relationship is the best choice for their overall health.


These lessons are offered to educate young people on making healthy decisions and increase their opportunities for future success.  All students are included in the lessons unless you choose for your child NOT to participate.  In order to do this, you may return the portion at the bottom of this letter or contact the guidance office at (270) 831-5050.