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South Middle School

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News and Announcements


• 50% of AR goal deadline: September 9th

• AR ASI: September 12th-14th

• 100% of AR goal deadline: September 30th

• AR ASI: October 3rd -5th
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Perfect Attendance Bike Winners!

Congratulations to Brelynn Cobb and Charile Rauch! They are the winners of brand new bicycles awarded for perfect attendance. The perfect attendance contest was sponsored by the Masonic Lodges of Henderson. Way to Go Brelynn and Charlie!
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Bulldog Writers Recognized!

Congratulations to Mrs. Cavanah, Addie Stone, Jazmyne Bone, and Rebekah Brown! These outstanding Bulldogs won the conservation writing contest for SMS. Rebekah Brown is the OVERALL COUNTY WRITING WINNER out of 130 entries! Way to go girls! We are so proud of you!
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SMS 7th/8th Grade Bands Are Distinguished!

Congratulations to Mr. Metzger and the 7th/8th grade SMS band members for receiving an overall distinguished rating. The SMS concert band performed in Madisonville on March, 24th if front of 4 KMEA judges and received a distinguished rating from each judge. WAY TO GO SMS BAND!
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The SMS Academic team was district champion and 4th in the region. Kateryn Hume earn the Sportsmanship Award.
Ashton Wilson - 4th place in Composition
Ashton will represent the Bulldogs at State Finals in March!
Quick Recall team - 4th place finish
Quick Recall Team -1st Place
Amy Chen
Mason Bumgardner
Jaden Yates
Levi Simpson
John Pat Phillips
Abby Salisbury
Julianne Latimer
Meredith Denton
Ryan Nantz
Future Problem Solving Team-2nd Place
Mackenzie Poe
Alex Green
Hannah Robards
Alysia Carter
Kayley Stone-2nd 
Abby Kloke-4th
Amy Chen 5th
Levi Simpson-2nd
Ashton Wilson-3rd 
Social Studies
Mason Bumgardner-4th
 Language Arts
Hannah Robards-1st
Ashton Wilson-4th
Arts and Humanities
Rebekah Brown-1st
Kaitlyn Marlin-3rd
Abby Kloke-4th
Written Composition
Ashton Wilson-2nd
Taylor Moore-4th
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