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News and Announcements

November Students of the Month

Congratulations to our SMS November Students of the Month
6th grade:
Aubrie Woolfork, Ian Hancock
Emily Ann Fulkerson, Kinsley Thompson
Cole Lucas, Brady Galloway
7th grade:
Carson Weiss, Anthony Burrus
Isaac Krampe, Kate Mays
Lila Hall, Darby Salisbury
8th grade:
Livi Staples, Tesslyn Yates
Bradley Carver, Greg Thompson
Lexie Trigg, Hunter Jones

SMS October Students of the Month

Congratulations to the October Students of the Month for South Middle.
6th grade:
Diamond McGuire, Henry Francke
Gavin Draper, Marshall Ford
Sophie Pressley, Annaleigh Richard
7th grade:
Trajdon Davis, Sam Ligon
EJ Williams, Aubrey Thompson
Anna Kemp, Kacee Butler
8th grade:
Javian Joseph, Marietta Coots
Mellin Andrik, Emma Powell
Winston Young, Taylor Blythe
Azarrius Dudley

Cross Country News

Fast Cats Classic Results
Isaac Krampe 22nd
Rex Blue, 24th
Jordan Haynes, 29th
John Poole, 37th
Cameron Vick, 43rd
Aiden Miller, 44th
Boys race had 138 runners! So those 6 placed in the top 1/3 or better!
Alison Lucas, 37th
Destany Pike, 42nd
Abbie Carmon, 56th
Out of 121 runners.

September Students of the Month

Congrats to our Bulldog Students of the Month for September!
6th grade:
Allie Spalding
Gracie Palmer
Nate Gold
Ben Stone
Shelbie Green
Matthew Posey
7th grade:
Faurest Crafton
Jeremy Bentley
Miguel Martin
Jalayah Gant
Jaylee Duncan
Presley Chambers
8th grade:
Nate Lucas
Carter Lawrence
Jude Daugherty
Anna Davis
Yasmeen Savage
Allison Lucas

SMS Back To School Dance Friday 9/20

Welcome Back Bulldogs!
Back to School Dance is 9/20/19, 5 to 7

*Drop off and pick up is at the library doors.
*$5 to enter at the door only
*Concessions are open (pizza, drinks, candy, snacks and more)
*Free Photo Booth
*DJ Steve Tow
*You must leave and come back to dance you cannot stay after school.
* Middle School District Dress Code applies. You do not have to wear SMS uniform to the dance!
*Only current SMS students!

SMS Cross Country News

Wow... what a weekend. Started with us going to the movie, Overcomer, as a team - compliments of South Middle School! So grateful for the support we receive from SMS!
Then... on to what I would call a "break-out" meet on Saturday! Did I say, WOW? Against very tough competition - with teams that have been building programs for DECADES - and despite being without several of our top runners due to various reasons - our teams still moved up the ranks, placing several spots higher than in past meets. Better than that, ALL of our runners (except for one that despite battling cramps throughout the race still ran a great time) set PR's (Personal Records)... with some absolutely SMASHING their previous times!
From JUST 3 WEEKS ago - on the SAME COURSE...
We had FIVE runners improve their times by MORE THAN 2 minutes: Tanner Friday (2:36), Bo Hazelwood (2:24), Neico Henderson (2:07), Autumn Hallmark (2:02), Alex Francke (2:00)
and SEVEN runners improve their times by MORE THAN 1 minute: Camden Burrow (1:47), Mark Thomas (1:44), Brady Francke (1:32), Cameron Vick (1:22), Emma Messer (1:21), Aiden Miller (1:16), Destany Pike (1:07).
AND we had FOUR runners - place in the top 25 and earn medals: Isaac Krampe (18th place), John Poole (24th place), Destany Pike (24th place), and Allison Lucas (25th place).
The thing is - the other runners not listed here? They did AMAZING, too! If you know anything about running, you know that improving your time by just a few seconds is a big deal, so to improve your time by these amounts is astounding.
They're learning to TRAIN their BRAINS (Mind over Muscle - the Mind runs the Body!) and PUSH THEIR LIMITS (Running is GUTS!)... and THAT's how they're doing what they're doing!
And this is JUST the beginning! We're on our way UP!
After the meet, the kids said they really thought the movie helped. As a Coach, I loved the coaching messages it reinforced. So again, thank you to SMS for that special treat!

Congratulations August Students of the Month

Congratulations to our SMS August Students of the Month!
6th grade:
Abby Davis , Bailey Moore
Irah Plummer , Drake Jones
Tyce Smith, Demetrice Pettus
7th grade:
Lacon McKinney, Kyen Jiang
Cooper Davenport , Grace Bumgardner
Avianna Abell , Ann-Michael Utley
8th grade:
Luke Werner , Will Stone
Jeremy Joseph, LeNyah Nash
Madison Beaven , Cameron Chandler
Kalia Brown
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